A Commitment to Quality

TCP's rigorous quality assurance program includes features such as:
  • Internal peer review of pathologists’ results performed on >100 cases/month.
  • Report cards tracking diagnoses for each cytopathologist and comparison of results to the group as a whole
  • Routine collaboration among cytopathologists
  • Outside expert review performed on >100 cases/month1.

TCP Follows the Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology2
TCP pathologists adhere to the established Bethesda criteria facilitating clear, definitive and confident cytopathology calls on most cases. For indeterminate samples, the Afirma Genomic Sequencing Classifier is applied and can objectively reclassify these cases as either benign or suspicious for malignancy. Xpression Atlas (XA) can provide additional genomic content to help inform surgery decisions and treatment options on Bethesda V and VI (Suspicious for Malignancy and Malignant).


+ (cross) The Nondiagnostic category includes cases with a diagnosis of “Favor Benign.”
1. Data on file at Thyroid Cytopathology Partners. 2018.
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